What ABC’s The View Can Teach Us About Using the Web To Reach Our Customers

As I was mopping my kitchen and bathroom floors late last night, I was listening to talk radio and heard the voice of a talk radio host I hadn’t heard of for many, many months. As I was listening to his voice, I wondered why I had not heard that he had moved from one station (the one I regularly listen to) to another station (that I was accidentally listening to). It so happened I was not listening to my regular talk radio station, but another one by accident.

This morning I was listening to the radio and the host was informing us that Rosie O’Donnel hosted “The View” for the last time, yesterday I think it was. The host went on to say that Rosie informed her audience, on her web site, about an earlier incident that happened on the show.
What’s the difference between these two hosts.
One hosts used the power of the web to keep in touch with their audience and “by-pass” traditional main stream media.
Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavericks, uses his blog as a bully pulpit as well to get the word out, straight from him, to his fans or others who care to listen to him.
The first host I referenced did not have a blog and web site for communication the last time I can remember. Now he does.
What’s my point?
To reinforce the message that the beauty of the world of online communications is simply something that businesses can not ignore.
The Harvard Business Review had a very informative podcast about viral marketing. They explained that today viral marketing is easier and different than what it might have been years ago. If you can find an audience that reaches say 1,000 people each (or even less I think) all you need to do is expand your initial marketing pool to a few thousand and (ideally speaking) watch your message bloom.