Where Does Best Buy Repair Computers?

When your computer breaks down – what do you do? Some of you send your computer back to the computer manufacturer for repair. (Lesson learn – get a nice and long warranty).
Others take it to a local retail store. Of those who take their computer, often a notebook computer, to a local retailer a number of you take it to Best Buy’s Geek Squad.
When Geek Squad’s local store can’t repair your computer – often due to a lack of parts, the computer is sent to Best Buy’s 165,000-square-foot Geek Squad City warehouse just south of Louisville. – reports the Associated Press
When it comes to repairing your computer, make sure that you have backed up your data. Someone told me that they were told that the retailer would back up their data. Only problem, when the repair was done, they found out the data was not fully backed up.
It’s also important to get, very clear and in writing, what the repair process involves how long it will take.
AP writes Some smaller, independent tech support companies forego shipping computers and have instead built their business around online troubleshooting services. HiWired.com, a small Massachusetts company, repairs computers with a remote screen-sharing technology, said Singu Srinivas, its co-founder. A typical service call costs from $75 to $100, he said.