Why Mobile Applications Are SLOWLY Being Adopted

As I sit here on the train typing, I’m looking around and seeing so many people using their mobile devices for talking, accessing emails and playing games. Accessing web sites, watching TV and working with business applications is not to be found.

Those of us who still carry notebook computers get a lot of work done on the train, as our computers are able to handle full scale business applications.
However, applications beyond email, on cell phones are hardly catching on.
Info World writes “Once you go beyond the e-mail and inventory management type applications, things start breaking down,” said Avi Greengart, analyst with Current Analysis, based in Sterling, Va. “There are a lot of people trying it out on a small scale, and vendors are building the next generation of mobile enterprise suites, but there’s a big hole in the market in terms of the potential versus the reality.”
The problem with many of today’s mobile business applications is that they remain watered-down versions of desktop enterprise tools that have merely been re-architected to operate on a small screen, experts contend.

What’s going on.
For small businesses, we don’t see a huge justification for having full scale applications on mobile devices. And there is none. Let’s say you’re in real estate or fashion. I guess you’d really want to show video and still images of your products. Do you want to show that on a 12 – 15″ monitor of a 1.5″ smartphone screen?
If you’re into sales, being able to access sales information on a phone is a huge plus and many companies enable you to do this. However for the most part small businesses would find it to expensive and time consuming to do.
The justification of porting applications to a mobile platform is not as great as ensuring mobile staff have notebooks and cell phones.
Is your staff mobile empowered? Take some time, to analyze your business processes and the functions of those staff who are mos away from the office. Consider if they are maximizing their time through the use of optimized mobile technology.
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