Your Changing Notebook

Notebooks, like PC’s are pretty boring tools. When you open up one for the first time, just about any notebook, it smells and looks fresh and new. But after a few days with it, you realize there’s nothing special about it.
Intel, in a continued attempt to keep people excited about technology is working with design firm Ziba Design on a new notebook. It’s pretty exciting, especially if you like thin and classy.
It’s only a bit thicker than the Motorola Razr and 2.25lbs – making it one of the lightest computers on the market.
Business Week writes And like cell phones, which come with different ringtones and in different colors, this laptop also strives to be a personal fashion accessory. The computer comes with a diary-like folder that attaches to the laptop via magnets. The folder, available in different colors, also functions as a wireless charger for the device. One side features a screen made of material devised by E Ink, one of the recipients of investment by Intel Capital. It can display a picture, the calendar, or your schedule for the day.
When looking for your next notebook computer, the rules are the same – memory, processor hard disk, weight and battery life. These are the four main specifications to look for.
Some of the manufactures are making their machines to be “executive jewelry” but don’t shop for your notebook this way. Look for a machine that can comfortably do the job you need it to do.
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