Archive of June 2007

CDW Joins the Social Media Fray

Let’s just confess – most of the web sites we go to, are about one way transactions. YOU read what THEY write. Social media, at least one part of it, is about you being a PART of the conversation. User Generated Content – UGC – is what many call it. In a new launch, CDW […]

Plaxo 3.0 is On Fire

For my contact/calendar information I use Microsoft Outlook, synced to my Dell Axim. I’m going to replace my Axim with a Treo, Blackjack or Q as the touch sensitivity of the screen is going south. Yesterday I was listening (still in the middle of it) to a podcast about the new version of Plaxo […]

Finding a New Retail Location? Stop Guessing

If you own a retail store, and or looking to expand to another area, how do you know where to expand? Keeping a good customer database is one way. Over time you might spot a trend and find out that although when you initially opened your doors, your customers were within 1 – 2 miles […]

Share Your Files Even When Your Computer is Off

Avvenu’s Access n’ Share helps you remotely share files on a computer and make it accessible via your cell phone, or any other computer with a web browser. What’s also very nice about this service is that even if your computer is turned off, you can still access files. What’s also nice is that you […]

Vertical Response Digs Deeper with its Recent Upgrade

by Stephanie Cockerl of NextSteph Businesses want to know if their e-mail campaigns are really working. The amount of e-mails that are open and the amount of subscribers clicking on to the website may not be enough information for some small businesses. Keeping in step with email marketing Vertical Response has answered the question by […]

Google Apps Gets more Features

Google Apps is Google’s hosted service providing companies with a privately branded collaboration, email and document sharing service. It competes directly with a number of similar services from Zimbra, Zoho, Blue Tie, MI8, HyperOffice, WebExOne, eUnify and OfficeLive. Small businesses should outsource as much of their technology to others, who are proven experts and do […]

Avanquest’s Latest Web Site Software: Web Easy Professional 7

Software developer and vendor Avanquest recently released the latest version of its web site creation software, Web Easy Professional. In this day of hosted web development services and lower priced web developer services I wonder what the value of a product like Web Easy Professional was for small businesses. In the following, short interview, Avanquest […]