Adobe: Moving Online Software to the PC

Don’t worry, I’m not turning into Slashdot or some geek site. However, I it is absolutely critical that you keep abreast of the shift to software as a service and how it is quickly evolving.
So to recap – you know that right now, for the most part, if you want to use a hosted application, you need your web browser and connection to the Internet. Thanks to the efforts of Google and others you’ll see be able to use your hosted application with not ‘net connectivity.
There’s now a new option for programmers, from Adobe.

Wired magazine writes The new Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR, nee Apollo), which the software company released Monday, now features support for HTML/JavaScript web applications in addition to the company’s proprietary Flash technology. Historically, the problem for HTML and Ajax developers has been that any innovative web apps need to be largely re-written in order to be moved over to the desktop — not an easy task.
“I think that Ajax developers have kind of been running up against the constraint of the browser for a while now,” says Garrett. “There’s a lot of code from your browser application that you’d have to throw out for the offline portion of your app.”

There are a lot of applications that developers are making which are software as as service (hosted applications) only. Why can’t some of these applications be made as traditional PC software? Sounds like we’re going backwards, but there still is value to having PC software, that runs on a PC and not via the Internet.
Keep your eye out for the blend (or mash up) of hosted apps and PC based apps.