Avanquest’s Latest Web Site Software: Web Easy Professional 7

Software developer and vendor Avanquest recently released the latest version of its web site creation software, Web Easy Professional.

In this day of hosted web development services and lower priced web developer services I wonder what the value of a product like Web Easy Professional was for small businesses. In the following, short interview, Avanquest give some answers.
According to their press release Web Easy Professional 7 offers more than 135 professionally designed website templates geared for business, club, team, organization, school or personal use. Users can easily add an extra aesthetic touch to their websites with more than 85,000 images from the program’s extensive multimedia library of clip art, photos, animations, buttons and backgrounds.
I asked Ryan Smith, Director of Product Marketing, Avanquest Software two questions:
In view of the rise of hosted applications – is software based web site creation still important (Homestead.com, Officelive.com, etc)?
Software based website creation remains a very important choice for consumers and small business. Unlike hosted application sites that offer a wide selection of templates to create your own website, they do not provide that vast selection of additional features that are provided with software such as Web Easy Professional 7.
In today’s competitive marketplace, small businesses need all the competitive advantages they can get and a powerful website can be a tremendous asset. Avanquest has learned that small businesses want to be able to do more than just pick a template, font and color scheme. This is why Web Easy Professional 7 also includes features such as:
-Web Page Style Designer, giving users the ability to create a consistent website theme by customizing several key elements including the title, navigation menu, header and footer and content.
-Flash Animation tools, enabling small businesses to add more visual elements to their site.
-Search engine optimization (SEO) tools, enabling users to improve their rankings on popular search engines to drive more visitors and customers to their websites.
-Podcast Hosting feature, making it easy to create and host audio and video podcasts, whether for entertainment or news announcements.
-eBay Web Page Wizard enabling eBay sellers to create eBay-compatible web pages that conform to eBay’s listing formats.
How should a small business owner decide when to build their site themselves and when to hire someone else?
With the availability of easy-to-use website creation software, like Web Easy Professional 7, which provides all the tools needed to create a professional looking website, it really boils down to time, interest and budget. We recommend that for small business owners who want to take an active role in creating their own website or have someone they know who is interested, and are watching costs, Web Easy Professional 7 is the perfect solution. When you compare the software’s affordable price of $49.95 to the thousands of dollars a professionally-built website can cost, today’s do-it-yourself version becomes even more attractive to many small business owners.