Why Newsletters (Good Ones) Are Like Good Blogs

Before the buzz of blogs rose to a frenzy, email newsletters were all the rage. Of course they are still quite important but as email was to faxes, blogs are going to be to newsletters.
On the other hand, since there will be some of your customers who prefer email to blogs you should continue to publish an email newsletter and blog. Keep in mind, everyone is not the same and choosing between a blog or newsletter is going to be determined by the content. For some content, I prefer to read an email newsletter for other content a blog is fine.
But what makes a good newsletter like a good blog, or vice versa.
Nick Usborne is an online copywriter (he’s the master and a guru), Web optimization expert, and editor of the Excess Voice Newsletter.
He writes:

  • Good newsletters and blogs seek to engage your attention at a personal level
  • Good newsletters and blogs both deliver timely information
  • Good newsletters and blogs expand their readers’ world with outbound links
  • Good newsletters and blogs both invite interaction
  • He also writes It is tempting to optimize your newsletter for immediate click-throughs to a money-making page on your site.
    That’s a short-term strategy, and it will engage only a small percentage of readers.
    While there is nothing wrong with those money-making links, a better newsletter will find a balance… a balance of great content, interesting links, interaction… and a money making link or two.
    Like a blog, a good newsletter is a long-term asset.

    Read his full article on this here.