Buying Your Phone System from Staples

Are you about ready to throw out your phone system? Are you tired of calling an expensive technician everytime you want to make changes?

You have a lot of choices. You can outsource your phone system to a company like M5 Networks. They provide an outsourced VOIP solution for small-mid sized businesses.
Your other option is to purchase a phone system from BizFon or Talkswitch. These systems are easy to purchase and relatively easy to install. You can keep your current phones (cell or otherwise) and purchase a system from Gotvmail, which will provide you with a telephone number, voice mail and many other features.
Today I read about another system, Simpliphones which you can purchase from Staples.
Each Simpliphones package comes complete with a full featured, high quality PBX system, Voice over IP capability (VoIP), voice mail (500 hours), auto attendants, Control Center and all the other features needed by small business.
Simpliphones can also grow with company needs by adding additional expansion cards and telephones without on-site technical help. Simpliphones 8-phone, 16-phone and 24-phone products available on can all easily expand up to 40 phones, 20 lines and 10 VoIP ports.
I’m sure installing your own phone system does not bring a smile to your face. But if for years, you’ve had to wait and wait and rely on someone else to help with your phone system and if your phone company is not giving you the service you need, it might be time to consider another option.
Their online tour is pretty nice.

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  1. EasyRider

    Auto Attendant, along with a small business phone system, can be a very powerful combination. Check out our blog for a discussion as to why you may want to use one with your phone system.

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