Computer Brand Explosion: Be A Smart Shopper

Velocity Micro recently issued a press release that their computers would start to be sold in Circuit City stores. I’m happy for them.
However, what gives me a bit of concern is that their brand is not as well known as HP, Dell, Gateway, Lenovo and others. Am I being a snob. No. The “larger” players have known brands and we know that overall their computers work fine and if they don’t work fine you can get the problem resolved.

For a lesser known brand, like Velocity I wonder if that is the case?
Veolicity Micro, based in Virginia has been around since 1992, so it has a decent 15 year track record. It’s also earned over 35 industry awards, including 10 PC Magazine Editor’s Choice awards. CNET, Maximum PC, Mobile PC, PC World, Computer Gaming World, Computer Shopper, and PC Gamer editors have all chosen Velocity Micro systems as some of the industry’s best-performing, highest-quality, and most reliable PCs. This is quite comforting.
At launch, Circuit City will be the exclusive retail destination for Velocity Micro’s new custom performance notebooks – the NoteMagix X20 and NoteMagix X25, both featuring Intel Core 2 Duo desktop processors and NVIDIA GeForce 8M Series graphics supporting Microsoft DirectX 10. It looks like these notebooks could be for serious gamers and other high-performance needing users.
What does this mean to you?
When looking for your next computer, if you see a brand you don’t know, remember that there are hundreds of independent, customer computer manufacturers all across the US who build computers for local and national customers. As retail stores are looking for better prices and a more diverse supply base, you’ll find these new names on store shelves.
Before you buy, see how long they’ve been around, see if they’ve won awards from the computer trade press – Cnet, PC World, PC Magazine, etc
If you are buying something from a well known retail store, you’re often protected by the retail store’s return policy as well. As a last resort, you can ask your credit card company to help, if there is a problem.

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