Email Marketing: Benefits of Outsourcing Your Email Newsletter

Over 100,000 of you use Constant Contact’s email service. More of you use some other email service (like Cooler Mail or one provide by your ISP) for email marketing.
But there’s quite a number of you who still rely on using Microsoft Outlook or some other program to handle your email marketing needs on your own. This is fine – up to a point, but there are several benefits to having a professional email services firm manage your email marketing efforts.
Two benefits are that a) you don’t use your own bandwidth for sending the email and b) the professional services firm is dedicated to ensuring your emails are not blocked as spam.
Clickz writes “In the beginning, it can seem like an in-house e-mail solution has no cost,” says Wall. “But after a while, companies realize just how expensive it really is. They may not be paying hard dollars for an outside e-mail provider, but there’s a high cost involved in terms of time and productivity lost when you run an e-mail marketing program yourself. You may also find that your e-mail campaign is taxing your servers — because they really weren’t made to support this function.”
For those of you doing your own email read what Clickz writes about it and consider if in your attempt to save money – you’re actually losing money.
For many of you, I’m sure it’s not just about the money but it’s a matter of you being comfortable with the technology you have and afraid (as it were) of change.
Email services are easy to use and are quite mature. I would highly suggest you setup a trial account and see how you like it and the benefits it can be for your business.