Feedblitz Launches Newsletter Edition: Challenge to Constant Contact

It’s simply impossible to write about email marketing and e-newsletter creation, without writing about Constant Contact. It has over 100,000 customers (mainly small businesses) and is clearly the leading service for email newsletters.
Feedblitz, might challenge that with its recent announcement.

For several months I’ve been using Feedblitz , which emails your RSS posts. Why? Keep in mind everyone might not want to check an RSS feed for your posts, they might want it via email.
With the release of FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition you can now create an email newsletter.
From what I’ve been reading FeedBlitz is on to something. It’s prices are reasonable from $1.50 for 10 subscribers to $75 a month for 10,000 users.
It’s quite feature rich with tools for reporting, subscriber management, and many other features. If you want to do more to provide great content to your readers, FeedBlitz’s newsletter feature is a powerful option.