Get an iPhone From World Extend: Remote File & Application Access

World Extend’s SecureIDA is a free VPN and remote access service, launched in April of this year. I covered it here.
For premium options such as the ability to have more remote desktops and access to applications from your server, you can upgrade to the $300 per year (per company) or $50 a year per user version.
The latest functionality is SecureIDA’s “Zero Port” enhanced security which enables administrators to completely close down all inbound ports – yet still allow access, making it virtually impossible for hackers to access a user’s network. Zero Port has already received praise from server-based computing expert and DABCC website founder, Doug Brown.
On July 15, World Extend will give away an iPhone to the 2000th download, and another to the 2500th download.
What does this mean to you?
Beyond the chance of winning an iPhone, being able to remotely access your files on your desktop and server, and applications on your server is so important. I’ve been increasingly amazed at how a 100% Internet centric world allows you to forget about the operating system and computer hardware you’re using.
An Internet connected world means that you can access your data from any location.
The complexity of remote access is not your mobile devices, but setting up your servers to deliver applications and files remotely. World Extend’s SecureIDA is one product that helps do this.