Get Your Photo as an Avatar

If you haven’t yet check out Sitepal, you’re missing a treat and the opportunity to add life to your web site.
Sitepal enables you to have animated, talking characters on your web site, dispensing information to visitors. Newly announced on Tuesday is the ability to upload a photo and have Sitepal render an avatar based on YOUR image.
We all know that web sites are KEY tools for every business. When customers want to “check you out” what do they do first, they review your web site.
If your web site is not designed well, it’s going to leave a bad impression to your customers. Once you know the design is done well, what else is your concern? Do you want to direct customers to take certain action on your web site – download a white paper or notice a sale.
Beyond a call to action an avatar is a great way to add a “human” face to your web site and provide a guide of sorts to your web site.
Using Sitepal’s automated photo conversion tool is simple. Once the user has uploaded a digital image they are prompted to specify facial anchor points. The model is then generated by the system and presented to the user for review and purchase. (Note that to purchase the character the user must have a SitePal account. SitePal accounts are available for as little as $9.99/month.) The cost to create a customized character is $49.50, an introductory offer that runs through July 22, 2007 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
If you think your web site could use some life, consider adding an avatar to it.