Google Apps Gets more Features

Google Apps is Google’s hosted service providing companies with a privately branded collaboration, email and document sharing service.

It competes directly with a number of similar services from
Blue Tie,
eUnify and
Small businesses should outsource as much of their technology to others, who are proven experts and do it better than you can do it yourself.
What’s new in Google Apps?
Google writes – The new mail migration feature makes it easier for organizations to get started on Google Apps Premier and Education Editions and give their old email new life — in many cases, that email is sitting in storage, covered with metaphorical dust and difficult to search. Administrators use a self-service wizard to easily and securely transfer existing email data from an IMAP server over to users’ Gmail accounts on Google Apps. Gmail will put messages into conversation threads, display the original sender, recipient, and date of messages, and convert existing mail folders into labels. Old messages are instantly searchable with Gmail’s fast Google-powered search. This tool currently supports email servers with an IMAP interface.
When considering what service is for you, the choice is not going to be easy – as there are so many choices.
For sure test before you move your entire enterprise to any service.
Check out the support options that the service provider offers.
Is it easy to use? You might think its the easiest tool to use and find out that your sales team does not like it.
Of course cost is an issue to consider, but not the only issue.

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