The Importance of Training Your IT Staff

For larger businesses they expect their IT staff to have various certifications and years of industry experience.
However, in smaller businesses, your staff might learn on the job in your business (the shipping guy migrates to IT support) or you hire your local IT person to work for you full time, depending on your needs.
Whatever the state of your IT person now, it’s important that you provide them with training, reveals a Symantec sponsored study by IDC. Although this study is more focused on large enterprises the principles also apply to smaller businesses.
As you focus on training your IT people, also consider training for all of your staff. Your assistant, CFO, marketing guru, secretary – everyone. The better your staff are able to use technology as a tool in their day to day work, the more efficient their work will be.
The press release reads – The study concluded that skilled IT teams spend more time on high-value activities that help organizations better manage IT risk, which Symantec identifies as including security, availability, performance and compliance, thus resulting in time and cost savings in gained productivity.
“Many IT organizations deploy technology without knowing how to effectively use it, and as a result they lose significant time and money in the misuse of the technology or by not optimizing its functionality,” said Cushing Anderson, program director, IDC Learning Services. “Through proper education and training, IT organizations can significantly improve their knowledge and skill base, and are therefore more prepared to manage and mitigate IT risks, which helps in the success of the overall business.”
In addition to improving skill and performance, training can have a positive impact on reducing compliance and other IT risks. The study reviewed key industry operational and process performance metrics over five functional IT areas including backup and recovery, endpoint security, high availability, archiving and retrieval, and client management. The study revealed that well-trained IT teams successfully completed backup requests without failure almost 60 percent more often than those teams with less training. In the high availability function, well-trained IT staff met software configuration standards for their production servers more than twice as often as less-trained teams.