Inside Secrets from a Dell Executive (Really)

When you walk into a store, or eat at a local restaurant, do you ever wonder if you’re getting a good deal? Do you ever think about what’s really going on behind the scenes? Do you ever wander if you’re getting as good as a price as the next gal who bought the same thing you bought?
Online, these things can be a bit challenging to tell. Through your user logon and cookies a retailer could offer you one experience (pricing, customer service, and more) but offer another customer something totally different.
Well someone claiming to be a former Dell executive let out some “secrets” about buying from Dell. Next time you buy from Dell, knowing these things could help you save money and maybe more.
Here’s two tips:
1. Small business is better than home and home office – Small business typically runs a few dollars more than the home office, but you stand a better chance of getting domestic tech support rather than non-native English speakers. As an added perk, small business promotions are occasionally better than home.
2. Play with the web site – There are many different pricing packages for the same product throughout the various sections, typically three or more per segment. If you’re buying a Dell soon, configure a unit from a link off the main page, from the product listing on the drop down and from the “As Advertised-Newspaper” drop down. Configure the same system each way at the home, small business and the Direct (kiosk) site ( It is very likely you will end up with nine different prices.
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