Jaxtr: Encourage Phone Calls from the Web

There’s many times when your customers are browsing your web site and want to pick up the phone to call you. If you’re a very small business you might only have a cell phone or some other quasi personal number.

One option is to take a look at Jaxtr and link your phone to your web site.
You can check out their web site to read all the details.
It’s an ideal application for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to make themselves more available to customers and clients — linking their phones with their online networks.
Current small business users, include: ebay and craigslist sellers, real estate agents/mortgage brokers, recruiters, service providers of all kinds.
LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke is the company CEO.
Right now Jaxtr is free. Of course Jaxtr competes head on head with Skype and virtual phone systems such as Gotvmail.