Keeping Your Files in Synchronization Across Multiple Computers

If you use multiple computers or share files amongst a team, one challenge is being able to easily share files and ensure that everyone has the most updated version.

There are several ways to do this. You can install a VPN on your server to enable remote access to files. Your local technology consultant can do this for you on Nitix , Novell, File Engine or some other server.
Seagate’ Mirra Personal Server has been around for some time now and is also a solution.
Small Business Computing writes about yet another solution, from BeInSync.
SBC writes In addition to synchronization, BeInSync also lets you easily share files among several people, as well as access folders on the PCs associated with your BeInSync account from any Web-connected computer. It’s also a complete online backup solution, offering automatic scheduled backup of the folders you specify. So with a single monthly subscription, you can take care of all your data-sharing, data-access, and data-storage needs.
Another solution is to consider Google Docs. You can upload files to Google’s servers and/or even write the original file using Google Apps.
Intranet’s such as HyperOffice, WebEx Office and eUnify offer some good options as well.

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  1. Daniel Kim

    This function is also provided by FolderShare, which was acquired by Microsoft. FolderShare will sync files in selected folders, and also provides web access to files on client PCs that are on the network. Its action is pretty unobtrusive.

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