Linksys Launches New Small Business Focused Products

Networking, unless you’re a geek – small business owner is probably something your IT consultant (or staff member) takes care of. Whether you’re an IT consultant reading this (and I know there are many of you out there) or a small business owner it’s good to know when key vendors launch new products for you.

Most of the time I ignore the – “we’re launching Version 2.1 of our product” type news, but I do get excited on fresh and new offerings.
Linksys is announcing several things this week: New Programs and New Products
Understanding that financing is a KEY issue for many businesses they have partnered with Wells Fargo to launch the Wells Fargo Unsecured Line of Credit. Business owners who use the line of credit to purchase Linksys One will have the opening fee waived — a savings of up to $250. I’m a huge fan of ZERO or well “managed” debt (if one must), so don’t go into huge debt in buying technology.
Linksys also has new programs for its channel partners.
The new products include:

  • Linksys Gigabit Smart Switches
  • Linksys One Services Router
  • Linksys One Wireless Services Router
  • Linksys One software enhancements
  • Cisco Service Node for Linksys One XA Series
  • Line of Linksys One Ready Switches and Network Attached Storage
  • This continues with Linksys’ November 2005 announcement about Linksys One, products specifically designed for the small business market.
    I would also suggest you check out an interview with Linksys Senior Director David Tucker Discusses the Growing Sophistication of Small Businesses. It goes over the Linksys strategy a bit more.