Microsoft Office Live: Web Site: Do It Yourself or Do It “for ME”

Hundreds of thousands of small business customers are using Microsoft’s Office Live to do business online.

Office Live has an excellent, feature rich and easy to use web site builder. The service also includes email, customer management, document sharing and more. You can start using the free version or dive into the more feature rich versions for a monthly fee.
Yesterday, Microsoft announced a deal with Web Site Pros to offer a new service to Office Live customers. Have someone build your web site for you.
During the month of June, Microsoft Office Live plans to offer the following special Website Pros Web design package:

  • Five-page, professionally designed Microsoft Office Live Web site that can be updated at any time
  • Submission of the Microsoft Office Live Web site to MSNÆ, Google, Yahoo! and 100 other search engines each month
  • Unlimited consulting with a Website Pros design and marketing consultant during the first 30 days of the subscription, and then monthly check-ins with the consultant
  • A toll-free number and call tracking reports
  • Pack of 250 free printed business cards with URL and e-mail addresses sent directly to the small business
  • Monthly listing in Yahoo! Yellow Pages
  • Cost: $80 per month
    Earlier this week I was speaking with someone about their web site needs. We’ve had this discussion for about a year now and since then (about a year) they still don’t have a proper web site. Why? They don’t know how nor have the patience to learn.
    I’ve suggested they check out or Office Live – both of which have good web design tools, but they STILL are having a hard time.
    For them, spending $80 a month could be worth it, to get them started. You might be in this same position.
    You can get free business cards from Vista Print by the way.