New Launch: Small Business Tech Links

Hi Everyone, I’m excited to announced that I’ve launched a new ‘blog’ – Small Business Technology Links.
What is it?
Let’s step back and first define is THE place for information on all things related to small business technology. You’ll find interviews, product reviews, analysis and news.
Small Business Technology Links is a new blog I’ve launched which contains links to tech stories that will be of interest to growing small businesses. The difference, you’ll find only one or two sentences and a link to the original source. will have longer stories (as you’ve seen) or more in depth insight. What happens is that often I come across great stories and tips on technology (for small businesses of course) but don’t feel to post it to and write a full length article about it.
Small Business Tech Links is the solution.

One thought on “New Launch: Small Business Tech Links

  1. Anonymous

    Hi. Was just reading this blog and wanted to share a heads up on a video/collabroation service I use in my own business. I’m home-based marcom consultant with clients, vendors and partners all over the US and am always collaborating or presenting long distance. I recently found a hosted service that combines video conferencing, desktop sharing and collaboration with only a webcam/microphone needed. It saves a lot of time trading edits and cuts down on overnighting. Very useful — KnowledgeNetworks at

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