launches – for Geeks.

If you are a real, true geek and you just love any opportunity to talk about technology, ask questions and/or give answers. You’ll want to check out’s new site
Their press release reads With an enthusiastic customer-base made mostly of computer and technology aficionados, Newegg is aiming to create a destination that is above and beyond the typical tech support forum with Their goal is for it to be a well-frequented meeting space for a community that will exchange ideas on a broad range of topics, build personal relationships, come to identify with Eggxpert and Newegg, and ultimately consider it a virtual home-base to revisit time and again.
Many geeks love and While might not be as popular as these sites it will offer a new resource for geeks to visit.
I don’t really have a favorite web site, but I read content from over 100 RSS feeds using
Of course hopes that sales will increase as geeks (and others) are talking about all things tech and see related advertising.
In keeping with the idea of making an all-encompassing technology community site, the development team has added a few features not normally found in forums. The first of these is the built-in Eggxpert Blog Community. Advice and product review blogs written by knowledgeable techies have long been popular with the technology crowd. Further, Eggxpert hopes that giving a “personal space” to its forum members will encourage them to get to know one another on a deeper level than simply as casual forum chat buddies.