Peachtree 2008 Is Available

Peachtree by Sage 2008 is now shipping. One of the newest features in this release is the ability for Peachtree customers to add documents to records.

For example, lets say that you are entering the payment of an invoice and have some photographs, PDFs and Word documents that you’d like to add to the record. You can do this with Peachtree.
There are other enhancements to this release, such as improved inventory, forms design, faster transaction saving and other features.
While I don’t think this (or most software updates) are revolutionary, I do think that each time a software vendor updates key software you use, you should carefully read through what’s new in the updated version, compare it to what you have now and consider purchasing it for your business.
Read the details about Peachtree 2008 here.
For those of you using QuickBooks, Microsoft Accounting, Cougar Software or some other accounting software, I’m not sure you’ll have a compelling reason to switch. But for those NOT using any accounting software for your business, I would highly consider Peachtree.
Sage touts Peachtree as being the software tool for small businesses that are serious about accounting, while chiding Intuit for possibly being too simplistic and not offering a true accounting software.
It’s wise to also consult your local accountant for their advice. If they do not support the accounting program you are using, you should seriously consider what accounting program they support.
If you are a non-profit, a manufacturer, or in construction Sage has a Peachtree 2008 version just for you.
Also keep in mind that Sage has a full suite of products beyond account. Customer Relationship Management, billing software, payroll services, contact management, and so much more.