The Phone System is Dead: Could 600 businesses be wrong?

Since 2000, M5 Networks has been telling as many people as it can that the phone system, as they know it is dead. They’ve been trying to tell businesses all over the United States that there was no need to manage their own phone system through a traditional PBX system in their office.

This week, M5 is announcing that 600 businesses agree with M5 that the PBX is dead.
M5 has added its 600th client, the West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG), the alumni association of the United States Military Academy (USMA). In addition, M5 now serves over 1,000 client locations throughout the country and has placed more than 100 million phone calls in its seven year history.
Although M5 has recently shifted its marketing from small businesses to mid-size businesses, it’s client based consists of small and mid-sized businesses and it will still serve small businesses that want to replace their telephone system or need a new one.
Businesses are increasingly aware that the way to grow and do more is NOT through traditional doing everything themselves. The way to profitability is to let others do routine “chores”, such as managing a phone system, while you concentrate on sales, support and customer service.