Printing: The Printer You Use Is How You Look & How Your Work

Someone was recently telling me about their experience in printing with various printers. One printer, a very fast printer/copier (color) and what you would think would print well, has poor image quality.
The other printer (black and white) is an older, workgroup printer and prints quite well. Both use the same paper.
What does this mean to you? If you want your prints to come out well make sure you have the right printer and use good paper. Remember, once it leaves your hands, a client, customer or partner will be looking at it. Will they be impressed or think you don’t care about your work?
On Monday Xerox Corporation introduced its most affordable black-and-white multifunction printer, starting at $399 and designed for small businesses.

Many printers are quite boring and about the only feature you care about is that when you hit “print”, the paper comes out. The new Phaser 3200MFP has several neat features, such as:
For example, ID Card Copy lets users copy both sides of a document – such as an ID card, license or an insurance card – onto one side of the page. The feature is useful for medical and healthcare organizations that want to cut the number of steps involved in creating patient files while reducing paper waste.
If you’re like me, you bought a printer years ago and really don’t pay attention to it. Not a good idea. Next time you you print something stop and think:

  • Are the prints clear
  • Does it print fast
  • Is it quiet
  • Does it have features to help you do more with less