Pure Networks: Network Magic Makes Networking Easy

For the geeks amongst us, putting together a network and related aspects of a network, such as printer sharing and remote file access is no problem at all.

However, for many small business owners, it’s a challenge. Sure, there are local consultants to do this for you, but it’s nice to save a few dollars when you can and also not to have to rely on someone for every “little” thing you need.
Pure Network’s Network Magic is a tool to help you take care of the mundane networing tasks that you might have wanted to do, but didn’t know how to do. The software is focused on the home office market, but could work for small businesses as well.
Features include:

  • Print from any computer in your home
  • Share files between all your home computers – even Macs & PCs
  • Monitor Internet use and Web sites visited for any computer in your home
  • Pinpoint & repair Internet connection problems
  • View a live map of your network
  • Protect your wireless network from intruders
  • The premium version includes remote access to files.
    Pure Networks also announced that as part of a business agreement with Lenovo to preinstall Pure Networks’ flagship Network Magic(TM) software on Lenovo-branded notebooks and desktops.
    “Pure Networks’ extension into the small office home office market is a natural evolution of our award-winning home networking software,” said Pure Networks CEO Jeff Erwin. “Only a small percentage of home office owners have the technical know-how to set a network up or resolve any ongoing computing issues. By shipping its computers with Network Magic, Lenovo makes it easier than any other PC laptop provider for these business owners to quickly and easily set up and maintain a reliable network.”