See Where & When Your Cusotmers “Touch” Your Web Site

The nice thing about web analytics tools is that many are free and they give basic information such as what web sites are referring visitors to you, how many visitors are visiting your web site and other aspects of your web site.
However, if you’re serious about growing your web presence online, especially if you are selling something or otherwise want web visitors to do specific actions on your web site you need as much intelligence about it as you can get.
There’s a lot of free services and of course your ISP provides free web site analysis as well. However, after looking at Visistat, I don’t think many of the free or maybe even some of the fee based tools can match it.
One feature I was impressed with is the Touch Mapping tool click report.
This insight shows what links are popular at any given moment, what areas of a page draw the eye of potential customers, how effective page content really is, and where the most important prime real estate is found on any Web page, among other important factors.
Today was I speaking at an Inc Magazine breakfast and one point I shared with the audience, is how technology is a tool.
Whether for your network, your computers, or your web site – you need every edge you can to beat your competition, serve your customers and grow your business. It’s also important to understand that there are several choices amongst competing technologies, as in the case of web site analysis.
You can choose a free tool (such as or Google Analytics but do they provide you with the robust features you really need to get even more out of your web site. For some of you, a free tool might be just fine, but as you consider making your web site a more central part of your business operations, a more robust tool is something you might need.
Visistat provides a well rounded and feature rich suite of economically priced web site analysis tools – check it our for your web site and your business