Send Emails By Speaking: Not Typing

Wouldn’t it be nice if while you were walking to the next appointment after a full day of yet…more “appointments” you could call a number, and speak an important email.
Sure Blackberry’s are nice. You can stand still and send an email. But if you’re really busy, driving or etc, speaking an email instead of typing could be useful.

Electronic Virtual Assistant
(EVA), a provider of voice-based services, recently announced a new proactive feature to the company’s E-Max service, a hi-tech product that delivers important “can’t-be-missed” email messages direct to the recipient’s cell phone, even when not in front of their computer.
The new proactive feature allows users to send an email, anywhere, in any language, by calling E.V.A.’s 800-number and ask to send an email – all without a computer, PDA or keyboard.
The service costs $19.95 a month.
Their press release reads – Not just a convenience tool, E-Max is the safest way to multi-task while on the road. Several accidents, even fatal ones, have been blamed on drivers trying to type in numbers, text messages or type lengthy email messages while driving. Typing while driving has been equated with the same dangers as drunk driving. To avoid these dangers, E.V.A.’s 800 number can be saved in a user’s phone so it is easily accessed without ever having to type it in. E-Max contacts are loaded into the system prior as a VIP account, once an E-Max account is set up, emails can be sent via voice commands to eliminate any typing while driving.
I’m not sure how useful this really is, but it does seem cool at least.