Share Your Files Even When Your Computer is Off

Avvenu’s Access n’ Share helps you remotely share files on a computer and make it accessible via your cell phone, or any other computer with a web browser.

What’s also very nice about this service is that even if your computer is turned off, you can still access files.
What’s also nice is that you can search your files. This might be insignificant to some users, but if you have a lot of files you’re sharing, search is important.
Setting up VPN’s (virtual private network) is common place for many businesses. But still it’s not easy for just anyone to do. If you are looking for a secure and relatively easy solution to remotely access files, check out Access n’ Share.
Another features you might like is Avvenu Access Express. This is a Windows application that lets you move files between multiple computers. For power users, who are often in several locations and using several different computers, this tool could be a valuable asset.
Other tools that let you access a PC remotely are: Logmein, Gotomypc, PCAnywhere, Remote Explorer. From what I know, none of these tools enable you to access your files, when the host computer is off.
One product that does offer Access ‘n Share features is Mirra. It’s not a simple software download/install but is an appliance.