Vertical Response Digs Deeper with its Recent Upgrade

by Stephanie Cockerl of NextSteph
Businesses want to know if their e-mail campaigns are really working. The amount of e-mails that are open and the amount of subscribers clicking on to the website may not be enough information for some small businesses.
Keeping in step with email marketing Vertical Response has answered the question by upgrading its interface and has introducing new features for e-mail marketers that could change the way they view their campaigns.
Besides having the ease of designing and creating e-mails and sizable image storage, Vertical Response now offers marketers an opportunity to dig ‘beyond the click’ with conversion tracking and return-on-investment (ROI) tracking. This allows businesses to see how many people from a specific e-mail campaign ended up either buying a product, signed up for a subscription and/or downloaded a file (mp3, PDF, etc.)
One of the factors that make Vertical Response different from others in the e-mail marketing space is the pricing structure. E-mails can be brought on a CPM (cost-per-thousand) emails sent. This is similar to the online CPM (cost-per-thousand) impressions or ad views. Other companies in this space may bill on a monthly basis, regardless if one sends out e-mails or not.
Other Vertical Response features include 25MB of space for images, comparable to 5 MB at other providers; their Email Canvas to design e-mails, no technical knowledge needed; and a ROI (return-on investment) calculator which lets anyone selling products online see how their email campaigns are impacting their bottom line.
From Ramon Ray, Editor, I’ve been using Constant Contanct’s email service for some years now and like it a lot. Today, I’ve moved my subscribers to Feedblitz’s new email service as it automatically puts my RSS feeds into an email newsletter.