Virtual Phone System Market Heats Up with Virtual PBX Acquisition

Last week Tech Crunch and other sites announced that Google was going to acquire Grand Central, a “one number” telephone compay for busy professionals. Google could offer this service for free as part of its expansion into telephony features, such as its 1-800-GOOG-411 service (which works well).
For small businesses that want more companies like Virtual PBX, Gotvmail, RingCentral and J2 Global offer an array of virtual phone services – which include telephone extensions.
Earlier this week Virtual PBX announced that it is purchasing Open Communication Systems (OCS), a developer of next-generation personal communication and broadcasting services based on open standards and open source technology.
Although the market for virtual telephone systems does not get a lot of press, compared to other technologies (computers, the web, etc) this market is going to be increasing important to these vendors as smaller businesses look for more economical ways to do more with less in less time.
Virtual PBX’s press release reads .By combining technologies from the two companies, Virtual PBX plans to provide a suite of virtual office telecommunications services that can be purchased separately or together, expanding existing markets for the company and enabling new market penetration. New offerings based on this infrastructure will begin to appear by the fourth quarter of this year.
What does this mean for your business? Look forward to more choices for your telecommunication needs.
At last nights Digital Experience SimulScribe was showing off its popular voice mail to text feature. They offered another service, which I’ll write about later on.