What Are Empoloyees Doing On Your Network?

During company time, you want your employees to work for the company right? However, if they are monitoring their eBay auctions or shopping for Christmas gifts their productivity goes down and they are not working for YOU.

There are literally dozens of solutions to monitor employee time and many are quite good and offer similar features.
According to recent studies, more than 81 minutes of work time per employee is wasted doing non-work related computer activity. As many as 13% of employees rack up more than two hours of blown time per day either in computer recreation or online activity. In recent years companies have turned to employee monitoring software as a remedy, but unfortunately most of those programs have proven to be difficult to install and just as tedious to use.
A new solution, “workplace activity management” application called
BeAware Corporate Edition is being launched by Ascentive LLC.
BeAware’s press release reads – BeAware can be easily installed over the network to each employee computer using the included “Remote Setup” program, and can track all employee PC activity with live, real-time monitoring of emails, web surfing, chat and program usage.
BeAware reports can be viewed by user, department or enterprise, even remotely and can even send off automatic notifications when select words, websites or specific applications are accessed.
The software can run completely in stealth mode so it is undetected by employees.
Schran also points out that although most companies utilize an employee monitoring application to prevent detrimental computer activity, a program like BeAware can also be used as a monitoring tool to reward employees for great behavior. “It’s
now easier, almost effortless, for bosses to help make their companies more efficient and effective,” says Schran.
The BeAware Corporate Edition software is available for $89.95 per computer, with volume discounts starting at five computers or more.
Your firewall probably has some built in tools for monitoring online usage as well. In addition, just doing a Google search for Internet monitoring or filtering software will provide you with many other solutions as well.