Archive of July 2007

Keep Your Eye On WiMax: Sprint and Google Are.

Sprint projects that by the end of this year it will be running test WiMax services in Chicago, Baltimore and Washington, DC. It expects that by the end of 2008 it will be able to have a footprint to cover 100 Million people. This doesn’t mean that 100 million people will subscribe of course. Sprint’s […]

Selling Online: Expanding To New Markets

With a robust online retail operation you probably have little reason to consider the physical, geographic market of where you are selling. If you are a US centric business, most of your business is online and you probably don’t consider much outside of your boarders. Of course, there’s a significant number of businesses who are […]

Steganos: When Secure Mobility is a Must

There are MANY security solutions for business professionals who are in the office all day and for those who travel a lot. But there’s few solutions I’ve seen that are as comprehensive and extensive as that offered by Steganos’s secure traveler. This solution is a blend of 6 products, from Steganos that offers a well […]

The Concierge Report: Shopping for Technology

I’m pleased to welcome Serge Lescouarnec, owner of New Jersey Concierges as a writer for Serge’s expertise is the hospitality & restaurant industry. He’s not a “technologist” per se, but as a frequent user of gadgets and hands-on explorer of the world of blogging and social media, Serge will provide a valuable perspective to […]

Old School Hardware Upgrade Still Work

For many businesses, the hardware of the computer is more and more ignored. This is primarily because hardware is cheaper. 10 years ago, when you wanted to increase the speed of your computer – you bought more memory, upgraded the hard disk and maybe even upgraded the processor. However, now, every 2 – 3 years […]

The Creator of QuickBooks Launches NetBooks

Ridgely Evers is not your typical CEO of a startup company. What’s the difference? Well besides being a programmer and business guru, Ridgely created QuickBooks. Credit for building Intuit, of course goes to Scott Cook and his team but QuickBooks was Ridgely’s baby. Intuit first created Quicken so families and individuals could balance their finance. […]

Sales Compensation Management: Xactly

From time to time I’ll receive information from a company and really not understand what the subject is about. I will know, however, something about the topic and guess that it’s important for you to know about. One of these subjects is sales force compensation. You have a sales force and of course compensate your […]