Blow Up Your PDF Experience with DocuDesk

I’m sure you’ve been receiving and reading PDF’s long before you started creating them. But I’d guess at some point in your writing “career”, be it you writing a short memo or a long document you started to PDF documents.
Sending a document to someone in Word, Excel, Power Point or just about any other format assumes two things 1) that the person receiving the document has the program to read your file and 2) that the file you send to them will look as you intended it to look.
You’re probably right about point 1 but not about point 2.
What’s the answer? DocuDesk’s suite of PDF products.
deskUNPDF does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It takes PDF documents and puts them back into Word or plain text so you can edit it. I opened Word and “UNDPFed” a PDF document I made from a web page. In a few seconds (very few seconds) DocuDesk had turned the PDF file into an editable Word document.
What gets me even more excited is DocuDesk’s deskPDF. This tools makes your PDF creation experience come to life. For example, after you create a PDF what do you want to do? Email it. With deskPDF, this process is automatic. The PDF is created and your email opens up ready to send the PDF, attached in a new email message to someone. I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of desk research, which leaves you with 3 different PDF files. Instead of sending 3 different documents, let deskPDF merge them into one document for you.
You can get both products for $60. A big savings from Adobe Acrobat.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have just recently heard about DocuDesk and had a few questions about what their PDF program could do – particularly whether it would re-save a PDF form file that was opened and filled in. I sent an e-mail through their “contact us” and have yet to hear from them. It’s been over a week now. Anything you know about their customer service? Do you have access to a phone number for them?

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