Can Non Tech Companies Do MORE with Technology

Technology companies are expected to use technology to its fullest extent and use it in all sorts of great ways. However, what about “non-technology companies”. Do they have to be relegated to the dust bins of technology implementation and only use technology at its basic level?
Even those many companies who are going being the usual and trying to innovate – is there more?
At some point in your use of technology you’ll find that to get more out of technology your business processes must be changed and you have to think of what some companies might even consider revolutionary.
Business Week reported on a a study from BTM Institute, a four-year-old non-profit think tank that released a thought-provoking look at how many kinds of companies can move beyond simply being innovative and toward becoming more agile, resilient, and profitable by creating a management mash-up of their business and technology teams.
In many companies – small and big, technology is an after thought. Once management makes their decision they then speak to their IT guy/gal or outsourced IT consultant and let them know the decision. the tech person is then expected to have technology conform to the decision or new mandate.
Instead, the perspective and potential of technology should be brought to the management table. As executives are deciding on hiring 20 new employees, moving to a new building or hiring a new vendor for some service the input of IT should be considered.
This will help ensure that management can make decisions with the forethought of knowing how IT can best help, impact or hinder a decision.
Read the full report here. Read the BW story here.