Dell Launches New Product Line for Small Businesses: Vostro

Today, Dell is launching a new set of products and services specifically for the small business market. The name of this new brand is Vostro.

Prior to the Vostro launch there were two lines of computers for businesses and consumers. The Dimension and Inspiron – which many small businesses purchased and Lattidude and Optiplex for larger businesses. With the launch of Vostro, Dell is offering a new brand – 100% dedicated to the needs of small businesses. It will include:
– no trialware on computers (which Dell has found its customers hate having to deal with)
– easy return, no questions asked 30 day return policy
– included online backup with each computer
– aqnd most importantly a deciated team of Dell employees to support the new brand.
Computer Reseller News writes Michael Dell will “be there to share news about upcoming Dell products and services, discuss things like technology trends and thier impact on small businesses, and to talk about how we’ll continue efforts to make IT easier to manage and more affordable to small businesses,” Dell digital marketing manager Lionel Menchaca said in an item on the web site.< Computers, are generally all the same. Plastic and metal components, with software inside to power it all. Computer vendors are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and their computers in this field. Through today's announcement Dell is demonstrating to one of its most important customer bases - small businesses - that its products are espcially relavant to them. Large companies want the basics and need to be assured of designs that can scale to thousands of computers on their networks. Small businesses also want good computers, but need them economical and with solid support. Support has been lacking at Dell, say many of its custmoers. Dell knows this and has taken steps (not just today but in the past) to improve its support to all customers. Vostro is Latin for "yours". The International Herald Tribune writes The systems include three notebooks with screens ranging from 14 to 17 inches and starting prices from $449 (Ä330) to $799. (Ä587) A desktop version will be available starting at $319 (Ä234). Exact specifications were not available.
Dell’s got a pretty good online resource for small businesses – Dell 360 – which is filled with information beyond just technology for small business.