Google’s Acquisition of Postini and Why It’s Important to YOUR Business

For those of you who have been siting on the sidelines and thinking that Google’s hosted application business was a puff of smoke or flash in the pan. Think again.
On Monday, Google announced that it was going to acquire Postini, a leader in secure communications and compliance. With 35,000 customers and 10 million uses, Postini gives Google two things:
1. A top tier security company to ensure its applications are secure
2. A based of customers to sell it’s hosted applications too.
What does this mean to you?
Small businesses, especially, should not give the core of their business (such as key applications) to companies with unproven technologies or whose products might be just an “experiment”.
Google is spending some serious money to ensure its applications are as good as (if not better) then its its competitors – hosted or other wise.
Google’s press release reads “The response to Google Apps has been tremendous, with more than 1,000 small businesses signing up for the service every day. At the same time, large businesses have been reluctant to move to hosted applications due to issues of security and corporate compliance. By adding Postini products to Google’s technology, businesses no longer have to choose — employees get the intuitive products they want, and the company achieves the security and assurance it needs,” said Dave Girouard, Vice President and General Manager, Google Enterprise.
If you want to be a fast company and ensure that you can compete in the future, seriously consider hosted applications is a must for your business.
Remember – your choice for technology should not JUST be looking to save money, but also how to move faster, do more in less time, be more responsive to customers and enhance collaboration.