Old School Hardware Upgrade Still Work

For many businesses, the hardware of the computer is more and more ignored. This is primarily because hardware is cheaper.
10 years ago, when you wanted to increase the speed of your computer – you bought more memory, upgraded the hard disk and maybe even upgraded the processor.
However, now, every 2 – 3 years (or so) many people just buy a new computer. I bought my Lenovo 3000 N100 about a year ago for around $1500 and it’s been a pretty steady workhorse.
I’m hard on it, but it keeps on ticking. However, it has been getting slower, thanks to the increase in applications I load on it. I’m sure you know what I mean.
I just installed a total of 2GB of memory, up from 1GB and it now operates much faster. When I was installing the memory, it reminded me of something I have not done for a long time – seeing the inside of a computer.
Of course, installing memory in a notebook is much simpler than installing memory in a PC, but the principle is still the same. Hardware upgrades.
This memory upgrade will probably cause me to keep the notebook for another 6 months to one year, but I’m eying several other notebooks already. I have not used a ThinkPad for a long time and I know they still have the same durability and robustness that they are known for. Dell’s light notebooks have been attracting my eye lately as well as some swell ones from HP.
Check out my last notebook search, which ended up with me buying this Lenovo, here.
What about you? What note notebook do you like? What upgrades have you done?