The Partners of Your Local Consultant Should Be Your Partners

Your local solution provider is a powerful source of expertise about how to best implement technology in your business. One of the advantages of working with a local partner is that you can leverage their up to date expertise on a variety of technology solutions while you only have to worry about being an expert in your own business growth.
For example, yesterday, SAP announced new partners to serve the small and medium sized business markets. SAP’s growth like other hardware and software companies is contingent upon building a network of partners to sell their products. These partners are not just “sales agents” but receive training in sales, implementation and support of the particular product.
If you are only looking to your local technology consultant to fix your computer when things are not working you are really missing out on a big opportunity.
Some partners, especially in smaller companies might only have a limited range of expertise. However, you”ll find that in larger companies, they have expertise in certain technologies and in certain industries.
The industry focus is critical to your business. If you run an auto mechanic shop, it’s best to work with a local consultant who has experience working in this industry.
The partners your consultant has and their technology expertise is important as well.
For example, if you’re a small – mid size business and you find that you really need to have an integrated overview of your business, beyond just CRM, then an ERP or “e-business” solution is something you really need to consider. Maybe you have a highly mobile sales team and instead need to consider a wireless solution.
A local partner that has the expertise in CRM, ERM, wireless, point of sale or other technologies is absolutely key to your growth. The key to your local partner’s knowledge and expertise is the training and experience they have with one or more hardware and/or software vendor’s products.
The relationship between your local consultant and their partner is something you should not over look.
If you are looking to retain the services of a local consultant and need expertise in online security, it would make sense to consider a local consultant who has training and partners with one or more well known security vendor rather than a partner who has no partnerships.
A partner who has a partnership with a security vendor, for example, is going to be certified, have training, access to support and have the latest information on the vendor’s particular offerings and security overall.
Your local consultant’s expertise is now available to serve your needs and becomes a competitive enabler in your business operations. Whatever your need is, leverage the expertise of a local technology consultant and their vendor relationships.
You must ensure that your local consultant does not push you to a solution that is financially beneficial to them and not to you./span>