Robert Scoble Contributes To Fast Company Magazine

One of my favorite people in the world, Robert Scoble, has started doing vlogging for Fast Company.

Fast Company writes In his monthly column in Fast Company magazine, he discusses how video and other interactive features are changing the internet. Scoble has created videos exclusive to where he examines these internet trends further. Below you will find these columns and videos, as well as excerpts from his blog citing the best of the tech web.
Why is Fast Company doing this?
I guess they understand that being a “Fast Company” – which is an old expression but still holds meaning, they need to offer their readers more and more content related to new media.
New media – blogs, wikis, social networking, vlogging, RSS, podcasts (is there more) is the next way of communication. Sure traditional press releases and email marketing is STILL vital and will be for the long run, but new media is where fast companies must be to grow.
You don’t have to dive in head first and go crazy with new media initiates but you should a) be aware of the changing world of communication around you and b) implement these new technologies within your company.