Steganos: When Secure Mobility is a Must

There are MANY security solutions for business professionals who are in the office all day and for those who travel a lot.
But there’s few solutions I’ve seen that are as comprehensive and extensive as that offered by Steganos’s secure traveler. This solution is a blend of 6 products, from Steganos that offers a well rounded and complete secure solution.
It includes a VPN, theft recovery, shredder, digital safe and other solutions.
When you’re on the road, one thing you simply can’t afford is to have the files you are accessing on your company server compromised by someone else. A VPN helps provide a secure tunnel, through the public internet to keep your confidential information, confidential.
Another feature that Steganos offers is a virtual drive, which offers up to 256GB of storage for each drive. You can store your Outlook PST files or other files on a virtual drive and every time you need access to these files you must enter a password. This can be a solution for just yourself and used by a company with central installation and management.
Encrypting data, stored on portable media is also very important. Saving that 500 record database of client records to a CD is nice. But if you forget it at the library or Starbucks, that’s not so nice. Steganos has a nice solution that enables you to encrypt data as soon the storage medium is removed.
Steganos has some other solutions, all to keep the mobile (and stationary) knowledge worker’s data safe and secure.