Technology PR Blog and Social Media Is For Small Businesses

For those of you who want to reach media that write about technology, there’s on blog/podcast you have to read – Tech PR War Stores. The blog is hosted by PR veterans, Paul Gillin and David Strom.
One of the stories I recently listening to was about social media – The ins and outs of social media marketing.
I’ve harped on this topic so much and you might be tired of hearing about it. But I’m telling you social media – the aspect of ‘common people’ being able to create news, give feedback and meet with each other is amazing.
I was at the Liberty Science Center today with my children and was amazed that they had an exhibit about “citizen journalism”. Quite interesting that they had it.
The neat thing about social media is that a) you can create your own story and not rely on the main stream media b) your customers can easily contact you and interact with your story c) your customers can interact with each other about your product/services.
Be ready for the praise and blistering critique and respond with honor, respect and truth.