Video Editing Outsourced and Online –

It’s relatively easy to shoot video for your business. Maybe you have video of a corporate picnic or something more important like a presentation. Most of us know about 10 web designers or we can use any of a number of online services. However, finding someone to edit video at a reasonable price is more of a challenge.
There’s a new service out for businesses, looking for someone to edit videos or photos. StudioNow.
Their press release reads Whether it is a video that is posted to a company web site, or one for internal employee communications, the need for businesses to provide visually compelling content is in high demand. In addition to the entertainment industry, StudioNow is targeting multiple markets with its business services, such as non-profit/social change, real estate, travel/hospitality, schools/education, hospitals/medical, sports, city promotion and various other types of businesses.
How does it work?
1. Upload your Video Clips, Photos & Music
2. Relax while our Editors get to work
3. Preview before purchasing
Right now I’m sure you’re concentrating on getting your web site just right and maybe even working on a blog. But video creation can add an entirely new dimension of interactivity and freshness to your web site.
Get a decent camera ($1,000 or so should be fine) from your local electronics shop. When you have the video, edit it yourself or let a professional do a better job.
If you don’t have someone – give a try. The preview is free.