Why Your Network is Now More Important than Ever

It seems like only a few years ago, when “network” meant your servers, computers, data, software and users access controls. “Network” still does mean “network” but now what you do on that network is different and the connection to the Internet is so much more important.

Those of you with “old school” networks are probably still relying on server, served software and file shares. However, there’s many of you who are migrating to hosted applications. Not just more prominent ones like NetSuite and Salesforce.com, but newer ones such as Google, Zoho and Zimbra. Let’s not forget about WebEx, HyperOffice and others.
Take a look at your network infrastructure and Internet connectivity. Is your provider solid? Do you need a redundant Internet connection?
Issues like off-line access to the Internet are important to consider as well.
Zoho told Small Business Computing While he said some sort of offline version would be available by the end of the year, he also told me he considers offline versions of hosted Web apps more of a “comfort” offering for users than anything. And, he said, it’s just not going to matter in a few years, when connectivity is much closer to ubiquitous.
Companies like BlueTie have been making feature rich email services for years.
All of these companies – and more – including the online version of QuickBooks have one thing in common – offering all of their services only via the Internet.
You still need a traditionally secure and stable network. But as your apps move online – you need to ensure that your connection to the Internet is rock solid.