Windows Live OneCare: Don’t Go On Price Alone

How much is your security worth? How much is it worth for you to have your network shut down due to a virus?
When Microsoft launches a product, it often prices the product very low, in order to gain market share. While this is not a bad strategy – Google has done it quite successfully – you must consider, if the free or low cost product is good enough for you.
Getting a free anti-virus product, for example, that let’s 10% of viruses through, while you could PAY for one that blocks 99% of them – is a no brainer. Spend the money.
PC World writes Since its initial launch in May 2006 OneCare has drawn mixed reviews from end users and security researchers. While many experts have said that the product’s pricing — US$49.95 for protection and management of up to three PCs for one year — has drawn the interest of many consumers, the product has fared poorly against its rivals in some head-to-head bake-offs.
In such a comparison study published in March 2007 by researchers at AV-Comparatives — a project based in Austria and overseen by security researcher Andreas Clementi — OneCare performed poorly next to similar products made by Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky Lab, BitDefender, Fortinet, F-Secure, and several other anti-virus providers.

There’s some things, relating to technology you just don’t want to skimp on. Sure when traveling buy an economy class ticket and sleep in a cheap hotel, but don’t have cheap / no good core technologies such as anti-virus, network security and phishing software protecting your business.
Read a Microsoft Press Release interview on OneCare here.