Anti-Virus Protection is Not Enough. Small Businesses Don’t Know It

Protecting your business from viruses is a good and important step in protecting your computer from online and offline attacks. However, there’s more that needs to be done if you want to ensure that your business is protected from attacks beyond viruses.
When employees chat online, visit web sites, download software that they think is useful and use peer-to-peer applications such as Skype you are opening up a number of holes in your technology infrastructure.
Online security company Web Sense, in a newly released poll of 450 IT managers and employees within the United States has revealed that while 46 percent of SMB IT managers say they have software to protect company confidential data, 81 percent do not use software to block the use of peer-to-peer applications, block USB devices (80 percent), control the use of instant messaging (76 percent), or stop spyware from sending out information to external sources (47 percent) – all growing vectors of confidential data loss.
What does this mean?
A false sense of security for these businesses. It is important to protect against viruses, but as the security threat to businesses evolves the solution used must evolve as well.
For example, in February, Websense discovered an information-stealing keylogger on the Dolphin Stadium Web site just prior to the SuperBowl being played there, and anti-virus customers weren’t protected until the SuperBowl was over. To prevent data loss and protect against Web-based threats SMBs need to reevaluate their security.
This means that people visiting the Dolphin Stadium Web site could have had their confidential information eavesdropped on via the keylogger placed on the stadium’s web site. Keylogging software captures keystrokes.
Your anti-virus program would not have detected this threat – as the signature of keylogging software is different than an anti-virus solution.
It’s VERY important that you protect your network. For your network you probably want to go with the best solution(s) you can find that protect against viruses, malware, phishing, and all sorts of other attacks.
For individual computers, I’m sure you don’t want to have 5 different online security softwares on your computer so as best you can pick one or two solutions that give you an encompassing solution.
Websense Express is specifically designed for small businesses and provides a complete online security protection, content filtering and overall management of how your network is used online.
Whether you go with a Websense solution or one from any number of other vendors such as Symantec, Trend Micro, Computer Associates, Content Watch or others – be sure to go beyond simple anti-virus and firewall solutions and protect your company’s entire online experience.