Benefits of VOIP: Proven During Steam Disaster in NYC

If you think technology is “just” technology. You really need a reality check. 23 employee firm Kwittken & Co was in one of the buildings affected by the steam pipe explosion.
Since they had VOIP (from M5) it was easy to have his phone lines switched to the cell phones of this employees. All web based. writes Many of these hurdles are being solved by new companies such as M5 Networks Inc., Fonality Inc. and Digium Inc., which were set up expressly to help small and midsize enterprises with VOIP. These start-ups typically offer inexpensive “open source” Internet voice services or allow companies to outsource their communications, at a fraction of the price larger equipment providers like Nortel Networks Corp. and Avaya Inc. might charge.
I can write all day of the benefits of technology, but if you don’t get excited, get a vision, get passionate about it – no one can make you implement it and invest in it.