Best Buy: Labeling Products To Make Sure You Know Which One is for Your Business

When you walk into your local computer retailer you don’ always walk to the nearest sales rep and announce, “I’m a small business owner – what products do you have for me”.
Sometimes you go into the store and just browse. Recognizing this, Best Buy has set out to label certain products as “Professional Series” denoting a product designed with features tailored to business use.
Why is this important?
Let’s say that you are looking at two notebook computers. Maybe both are in fact made by the same vendor. Did you know that vendors often make 2 or 3 different lines of computers. Those for consumers are often cheaper, but have less support options and the parts change more often. Those for businesses could be a bit more expensive but often have better support and are engineered specifically for businesses.
Best Buy’s press release reads – The Professional Series label will initially feature notebook computers and networking equipment and extend to printing products, GPS and navigational equipment, digital cameras, storage products and mobile and landline phones over the course of the next six months. This expansion of Best Buy For Business into all U.S. stores is designed to bring customers shopping for both their businesses and their personal needs more access and clarity on business technology as well as assistance in navigating emerging technologies. In order for a product to earn the “Professional Series” label, it must fulfill a variety of category-specific criteria and features designed to alleviate common business pain points.
What does this mean to you?
As you are looking for a local technology consultant to help you use technology as a tool in your business, Best Buy could be a viable solution.
What are your choices?
– Your local, independent technology solutions
– Your PC Vendor’s tech services (Dell comes to mind; other PC Vendors work with local tech consultants)
– An online retailer like CDW who works with a network of local retailers
– Best Buy. Best Buy’s Geek Squad can consult on technology solutions and sell you the technology. If you have a Best Buy, getting to know the staff of Best Buy for business is a smart choice.