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The tools of technology never cease to amaze me. I recently was alerted to Marauder Corporation’s Bill Collector in a Box software.
If clients are past due, I mean like REALLY past due and not paying their bills, Bill Collector in a Box could help straighten things out.
Your traditional accounting program is a great tool for paying customers. But when customers don’t pay you probably need something else and Bill Collector in a Box provides four key tools.
Automatic printing of professional, legal debt-collection letters that comply with state and federal laws. The software automatically schedules follow-up letters and provides reminders of the next steps to be taken with each debtor.
Credit bureau reporting. Reporting a bad debt to a credit bureau is an effective way to convince debtors that they need to quickly settle their invoices. With one click, Bill Collector In A Box reports a bad debt to the major credit bureaus.
Skip Tracing. If a debtor has left town with no forwarding address, Bill Collector In A Box lets a business owner engage a professional investigator who will track down the debtor. 25 basic skip traces and 1 advanced skip trace are included with the software.
Processing of credit card and ACH transactions to enable fast settlement of invoices.
If you’re tired of dealing with dead beats check out your customers BEFORE they become past due customers.
By obtaining the proper information upfrontóbefore any credit terms are agreed toóbusiness owners can avoid unnecessary effort and expense later, especially if the customer is unwilling to pay or is trying to avoid attempts to be contacted, says Ryon Gambill, a collections professional and CEO of Marauder Corp., the company that designedBill Collector In A Box to help entrepreneurs and business owners collect past-due invoices.
To reduce the need for collections measures, Gambill advises entrepreneurs and business owners to implement the following policies into their invoicing and billing procedures:
Collect personal and business references, including name and telephone number and the reference’s relationship to the customer.
Do not accept post-office boxes or private mail boxes as ship-to or billing addresses; be certain that you have the actual street address of the business.
Obtain home, cell and work telephone numbers from your customer.
If it is a business account, ask if they use purchase orders. If they do, record the purchase order number on every invoice.
If you are extending credit to a business, get a personal guarantee from the owner.
When dealing with someone who is not an owner of the business, make certain that the person is authorized to conduct business on behalf of the company.
Ask for and verify bank and credit references before the first sale. If possible, and with the proper authorization, run a credit report. This will indicate how they have previously handled their financial obligations.

3 thoughts on “Bill Collector In A Box

  1. Ron at Builders Supply

    I bought this at a couple months ago, exported all my stiffs from quickbooks and imported them into the bill collector in a box program. I made the mistake of reporting all 79 contractors that were late 60 days or more to the credit bureaus; they all called at once!I was thrilled that I was finally getting some attention to the money they owed me, but certainly did not expect the response i got. Within 2-3 weeks 30k out of 66k has been paid and a lot of contractors agreed to make at least a partial payment and were sorry (housing market excuse blah blah) but would pay as soon as they could.

  2. debtsettlement

    ItТs true you donТt need an attorney. I have settled two debts in 10 months, using CharlesТ program. Have two more, and the natives have stopped drumming (i.e., quit calling) making me a bit nervous, but IТm way ahead of the game just paying off those other two. If IТd used a debt settlement company, I wouldnТt have had the cash to pay off those other two (huge) balances. It would have gone to the fees that the debt settlement companies take UP FRONT and right off the top.
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  3. Darren in SoCal

    This is SUCH a good product for people like me who aren’t ready or willing to assign their debt to a third-party (contingency) collection agency just yet.
    There is a contact-management aspect/feature to this software that really helps our A/R guys to stay on top of our debtors in terms of sending letter series, making phone calls, and even finally considering allowing BCIAB’s sister company (Nationwide Capital Recovery) to assume collection duties once we have exhausted all reasonable efforts. They even have limited plans for usage of their company (i.e. using them 4 skip tracing only, or for letter servicing plus some skips). They offer a significant discount on contingency collection fees for BCIAB customers, too, about 7% I believe.
    Not to sound like a shill for the company, but everything about this program is tremendous, from the ease of installation to the technical support offered by the company (I speak to the same person nearly every time I need help, which is SO helpful).
    I recommend BUY BUY BUY on this product. Stop wasting your time writing letters and calling old customers and worry about generating NEW business and customers who PAY you!

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